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In this version:

  • Atakama Multi-factor Encryption Engine for data at rest (AES-256)
  • Approve and block access to protected files from linked mobile devices running Atakama Mobile for iOS and Android
  • Approve access to multiple files from linked mobile devices
  • Protect files stored locally
  • Protect and sync files with Box.com, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • Protect files stored on a network location
  • Search through the contents of files protected by Atakama
  • Link multiple mobile devices for backup
  • Link multiple mobile devices to require additional approvals
  • Change priority of linked mobile devices
  • Restore access to data protected by Atakama by mobile device or by workstation

Known issues:

  • Transferring over 500 files in a single action to Atakama may result in a significant reduction in system performance at this time. To avoid this, work with smaller batches of when adding a large number of files.

  • At this time, it may take longer than expected to complete the process of changing the number of devices required to open a file. During this process:

    Your computer and mobile device must remain powered on.

    Atakama must remain running on both devices -- but you can switch applications and multi-task until the process is complete.

    You can continue to access to files protected by Atakama but may encounter unexpected approval requests until the system has completed processing.
  • The Microsoft Photos application is specifically blocked from accessing media files protected by Atakama. This application makes insecure copies of viewed media and does not provide a clear mechanism for removing those copies. Images can be opened in most other photo applications as well as popular web browsers. We recommend the free VLC media player (videolan.org) for opening video files.

  • Do not install applications to or run executable (.exe) files from your protected Atakama folder. Atakama is not currently set up to handle these types of files.

  • Search at this time will not operate when Atakama is protecting more than 750 files.

  • After extracting .zip files within your protected Atakama folder, files will not appear until the window is refreshed.

  • Microsoft Office generates temporary files based on your documents for auto-save and recovery purposes. Normally, these temporary files are deleted automatically but in some cases they will not be removed. These files are safe and remain encrypted like all other files protected by Atakama.

  • Renaming a file protected by Atakama may trigger a virus scan of that file which may then trigger a request on your mobile device to open the file. This behavior is normal.

  • Moving batches of files within or outside of your protected Atakama folder will trigger multiple authorization requests.

  • Uninstalling Atakama before decrypting your protected files will keep them in their protected/encrypted form.

  • Mobile authorization requests may not be received if your device is locked and in standby mode.

  • A session created using Atakama Mobile for iOS may not remain active if your device enters standby mode.

  • Any active sessions will terminate in the event Atakama Mobile is force-quit or quits unexpectedly.

  • In the event you need to change your default storage location during First-time Setup, it must be set to an empty folder.

  • Adding a network storage location in Settings may take a significant amount of time to process. Please be patient or select a location with a small number of files.

  • Opening an image protected by Atakama in Windows 7 may trigger multiple file authorization requests.

  • Windows Search may trigger erroneous approval requests if files protected by Atakama appear in results.