File Encryption Software for Businesses

Protect your Sensitive and Proprietary Information

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Automatically Encrypt data at the File Level

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Split-Key Cryptography means No Usernames or Passwords

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Encrypt Files Easily with Drag and Drop Functionality

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Customizable Settings for Local, Network or Cloud Storage

Atakama for File Encryption

PII Protection

PII Protection

Easily encrypt high-value files: earnings reports, HR, M&A, IP, regulatory, PII, etc. without disruption to existing workflows.

Cloud storage support

Cloud Security

Credentials are a vulnerability and a thing of the past. Atakama uses multiple device to authenticate users access to files

Ransomware mitigation

Ransomware Mitigation

Exfiltration-based ransomware attacks are on the rise - Atakama stops exfiltration-based attacks dead in their tracks.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Cybersecurity regulations now require encryption of data at rest. Customers are demanding it and Regulators support it.

Zero Trust

Zero Trust

Ensure a true Zero Trust environment through granular file-level protection without reliance on outdated processes.

Encrypt and Decrypt Files With an Easy UI and Custom Configurations

Unrivaled data protection secure critical data with ease

Trusted By Leading Organizations

Customizable Security Features that Best Fits your Business Needs

Multifactor Encryption

Atakama uses multiple devices to secure data.

No Passwords Needed

Credentials are a vulnerability and a thing of the past. Atakama uses multiple device to authenticate users acess to files

Click to Encrypt

Encrypting files has never been easier. Atakama makes next-gen encryption one click away.



Technologent partners with best-in-class technology providers who support our mission to create fast, flexible, efficient, transparent, and secure IT environments. Atakama is leading the charge in eliminating data exfiltration through multifactor encryption to secure critical data for organizations worldwide, including ours.

Jon Mendoza




We chose Atakama to reinforce our layered security strategy. Protection above and beyond identity and rules-based access controls is critical in today’s cyber threat landscape.



IT Security, $95 Billion dollar global leader in access control solutions


Atakama’s multifactor encryption provides a dedicated layer of data security that is unachievable with other security solutions on the market today. We are proud to have such innovative and powerful technology in our arsenal of cybersecurity solutions to protect our most critical data.

Molestias Velit Quasi Sit

Senior Manager

IT Security, Leading Asset Management Firm


Atakama’s approach to data security is why we choose to protect our customer data, intellectual property, and other mission-critical assets with their multifactor encryption technology. The granularity and sophistication in which we can encrypt data is second to none.

Cupiditate Sit

Plumb Accounting Services and Software

Additional Features

share with others


Atakama allows users to securely share files within cloud and network locations with ease.

Cloud storage support


Atakama integrates with all the major cloud providers,Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Bluetooth Support


Atakama works with bluetooth so you can access your files on the go

Secure File Transfer


Securely send sensitive files with third parties with a user friendly workflow.

Search Encrypted Files


Atakama supports searching through encrypted files.

Eliminate data exfiltration