The Ultimate Security and Privacy for Files
File encryption made easy.
Core Features
Multi-Factor Encryption
Atakama uses multiple devices to secure data.
No Passwords Needed
Credentials are a vulnerability and a thing of the past. Atakama uses multiple device to authenticate users acess to files
Click to Encrypt
Encrypting files has never been easier. Atakama makes next-gen encryption one click away.
Additional Features
Share with Others
Atakama allows users to securely share files within cloud and network locations with ease.
Cloud Storage Support
Atakama integrates with all the major cloud providers,
Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
Bluetooth Support
Atakama works with bluetooth so you can access your files on the go
Secure File Transfer
Securely send sensitive files with third parties with a user friendly workflow.
Search Encrypted Files
Atakama supports searching through encrypted files.
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