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You can’t always stop hackers. But with Atakama, you'll be able to stop them from stealing or viewing your files

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You already know the risks.

Hackers and cybercriminals never stop finding new ways to profit from other people’s private information. Keeping software and systems up to date, relying on strong passwords, or using a VPN while traveling won’t keep your most valuable files out of the hands of a determined attacker.

Introducing a better way to protect valuable files

By the Numbers

Atakama is a new, easy-to-use solution to give your business-critical files a last line of cyber-defense that will frustrate hackers and insiders like nothing ever seen before. Here’s how we make your “jewelry safe” uncrackable:

  • Atakama scrambles your company’s or your family’s private files using military-grade AES-256 bit encryption
  • Atakama breaks the key to unlock the 256-bit encryption into multiple shards that are then distributed to multiple physical devices that either you own or to devices owned by a trusted contact
  • Just as multiple key-holders must come together to unlock certain safes in the real world, multiple devices (up to two or more) must physically come together to unlock private files that have been scrambled by Atakama

The chances of a team of hackers descrambling a 256-bit encryption is low. The chances of a team of hackers unscrambling encrypted data and stealing all of the multiple “key-holding” devices is infinitely low.

10 minutes or less

The amount of time it takes a hacker to crack a simple six-character password

As simple to use as click, tap, and go


of businesses have suffered some sort of hack within the past twelve months.

If you can drag a file to a folder, you already know how to start securing your files with Atakama. Opening encrypted files normally requires setting and entering a password for each one. Atakama’s technology doesn’t rely on any passwords or codes. Each file protected by Atakama is not just encrypted, but is also inextricably linked to more than one of your physical devices (e.g. your computer and your smartphone).

When you open a file protected by Atakama, your linked mobile device receives an approval request as a push notification. When you tap on the big, green “Approve” button on your smartphone, your file instantly opens on your computer. And when doing a keyword search to find a file, Atakama allows your search to include encrypted files. We understand that file-level security cannot disrupt your productivity.


of Americans feel that their personal information is less secure than it was five years ago

Atakama is coming soon

Your files need a last line of cyber defense

Atakama protects files on any computer running Windows or macOS and works together with Atakama Mobile for iOS or Android. Not only does Atakama protect the files on your computer, it also automatically backs up your protected files to your cloud storage provider so that you (and only you) are always able to access them.

Most operating systems and security solutions focus on “keeping the bad guys out” and don’t provide users with solutions for keeping files protected when someone breaks in.

If you think of your files as precious jewelry in your home, you would naturally consider protecting your jewelry with a safe. While governments and large companies have often hired teams of cybersecurity experts to create incredible last lines of defense, we believe at Atakama that everyone in today’s world needs unbreakable “jewel safes."

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