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Thank you for your time and interest! Before we get started, please review the important information below:

Atakama is a new solution for quickly and easily securing the files on your computer from hackers and other types of digital threats. Files that you choose to protect with Atakama are individually encrypted and are unlocked with just a tap on your smartphone or tablet using the Atakama Mobile app.

In this study, we are interested in understanding your experience getting Atakama up and running followed by testing out file locking and unlocking. Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Install Atakama on your computer
  2. Complete the First-time Setup process
  1. Test the file locking and unlocking functionality of Atakama

Your participation and feedback are important and will helps us understand areas we may need to improve. After you complete First-time Setup, we'll ask you some follow-up questions here in the browser.

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