Encrypt without passwords
Decrypt with your phone
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Multi-Factor File Encryption Software
Built to Keep Data Secure

Use Multiple Devices to Secure Your Data

With encryption from Atakama, users have the convenience of decrypting files with the tap of a button on their phone.

Works Everywhere

Whether you store your files in the cloud or on prem, Atakama keeps your data securely encrypted and only accessible by authorized users.

How Does Atakama Work?

Right-click to Encrypt

With Atakama installed, simply right click on a file to encrypt it instantly regardless of where it is stored.

Tap Your Phone to Decrypt

You can decrypt your files at any time with a tap of your mobile phone.

No Passwords

When a file is encrypted with Atakama, the encryption key is split into pieces, with components of the key distributed to your computer, smartphone and other secure locations.

No passwords involved.

Authorized Users Only

Prying eyes will never be able to access Atakama encrypted files. No one can access your encrypted data other than specifically authorized users.

Atakama Features

no passwords

No Passwords or Codes

Atakama provides military-grade data protection without the need for traditional authentication using usernames, passwords, or one-time codes.



Atakama allows users to securely share files within cloud and network locations without disrupting existing user workflows.

secure cloud sync

Secure Cloud Sync

Atakama's client-side encryption enables the safekeeping of protected files in sync with major cloud storage services (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) and private cloud networks.