Multifactor Encryption Platform

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Secure critical assets when rules-based access controls fail with unrivaled data protection.


Remove the conventional trade-off between data security and data accessibility through a simplified administrative and end-user experience. Facilitate productivity without sacrificing security.


Analyze encryption status and usage of data for compliance, business reporting requirements, and operational decision-making.

Atakama delivers unrivaled data protection by redefining the encryption landscape. Atakama’s decentralized, multifactor approach to cryptographic key management protects organizations from data exfiltration. With Atakama's data protection platform, security practitioners and end-users alike realize true data protection and unimpeded business performance.

Multifactor Encryption

Leverage the power of advanced encryption in tandem with the proven security concept of multifactor authentication

Intelligence Center

Understand individual and overall encryption usage trends for business intelligence and operational decision making.

Encrypted Search

Quickly find what you are looking for without exposing sensitive data or disrupting user productivity.

Secure File Transfer

Simplified, secure file sharing. Maintain complete control of decryption with recipient identity verification.

Data Discovery and Classification Integration

Stay ahead of shifts in the modern threat landscape with automatic encryption according to data classification policies.

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Eliminate data exfiltration