We developed an encryption software that is easy enough for anyone to use, smart enough for the best organizations to trust, and secure enough to make hackers consider a career change.

We're excited about what we do and proud of what we've built!

Our Team

Daniel H. Gallancy

Co-founder & CEO

Dimitri Nemirovsky

Co-founder & Head of Sales

Erik Aronesty


Colin Atkinson

Senior Software Engineer

Gabe Blumenstock

Senior Software Engineer

Brian Cefali

Senior Software Engineer

Shalom Cohen

Lead DevOps Engineer

Aman Grewal

Senior Software Engineer

Chris Higley

Senior Software Engineer

Roman Isanin

Test & QA Engineer

Michael Krebs

Lead Software Engineer

Jack Ngai

Test & QA Engineer

Alexander Pinkerton

Engineering Manager

Kay Sexton

Head of Administration

Oren Tysor

Senior Software Engineer

Sara Walker-Santana

Director Of Marketing

Danielle Weiss

Director of Operations

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