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About Atakama

Atakama is a NYC-based information security company that was founded in 2017 by a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and cryptographers. Its mission is to be the leading data security provider. Using distributed key management, Atakama's encryption solution protects data against unauthorized access and cyber attacks.

We named Atakama – Ah-tah-kah-mah – after the Atacama Desert in Chile. Although the Atacama Desert is seemingly void of activity, upon closer inspection it is one of the most unique and beautiful places on Earth. In a similar vein, our encryption solution is unique among cyber and information security offerings. Beautiful in its simplicity, Atakama prevents unauthorized access to data and thereby transforms any environment into a digital desert for the bad guys.

Unparalleled Security

Using AES 256 multi-factor encryption, Atakama provides unparalleled data protection for individuals and businesses. By encrypting each file with its own unique encryption key, Atakama protects users privacy, and renders a breach almost completely useless to an attacker. Because Atakama is designed to function independent of existing cybersecurity solutions, such as identity and access management, it is undeniably a vast improvement over the status quo.

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