Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atakama and what does it do?
How does Atakama work to protect data?
Is Atakama like two factor authentication?
Who can see the files protected with Atakama?
Is there a chance users can get locked out of encrypted data?
Does Atakama work with cloud storage?
Does Atakama work without a mobile device?
Will Atakama work with my existing devices?
What happens if a user loses a linked smartphone or tablet?
What does Atakama mean and how do you pronounce it?

Technical Overview

Searching Through Encrypted Data
Active Directory Integration
File Sharing
Data Transfer Between Devices
Device Recovery and Backup Devices
Access and Authentication
Device Linking
Back-end Data Storage and Cloud Integration
Mount Point / Virtual File System
Key Storage and Management
Secure Key Fragmentation
General Overview