How Atakama Works

Right-Click or Drag and Drop
to Protect Your Files

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Secure And Easy To Use

Right-Click to Encrypt
or Drag And Drop
To Protect Your Files

Atakama's decentralized architecture eliminates the need for passwords and central key stores.

All it takes to protect new files is for Atakama users right click to encrypt, or to  save them to the Atakama designated vault. Drag-and-drop them inside or save files directly to it for instant encryption. Encrypted file folders can be located on network drives or in the cloud.

file saved to folder
advanced cryptography

Advanced Cryptography

When a file is added to Atakama, it's instantly encrypted using AES with a 256-bit key. Atakama then splits up the unique key generated for the file, encrypts those smaller pieces, and distributes them to the user's physical devices.

No Change To How Users Interact With Files

file protected

Files protected by Atakama have their keys split into smaller pieces that are each stored on a different device. Atakama begins the process of opening the file by requesting the correct key fragments from the user's devices.

file approved

After the user approves with a tap on their mobile device, the piece of the file's unique key stored on that device is securely transmitted back to the requesting computer for Atakama to reconstruct.

file confirmed

Atakama confirms that the necessary pieces of the key have been correctly rebuilt before decrypting and opening the file. This entire decryption and file opening process takes place instantly within the OS-native interface.

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