Atakama Browser Security Platform

Advanced browser-based phishing and malware defense
Comprehensive insights into browser activity and SaaS application usage
Browser-based credential analysis to detect risks associated with password hygiene
PII and sensitive data protection from unauthorized exposure in web browsers

Streamline your tech stack and secure your clients against even the most sophisticated, emerging threats targeting browser and SaaS resources.

Gain unique and granular insights into browser activity, via data-driven dashboards to prioritize safe browsing, user productivity, and privacy.

Purpose-built multi-tenant solution enables granular access control, and ensures ease of administration. Experience streamlined billing and ticketing with robust PSA Integrations.

Platform Agnostic
Seamless Integration
Untethered from IAM
Atakama Browser Security
Encryption Key Mgmt
Passwordless Local Ecryption

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Streamline user provisioning, administration, and co-managed environments effortlessly via RMM, InTune, or GPO. Experience unparalleled control through granular Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). Efficiency redefined.

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Robust PSA Integrations

Eliminate the headache of month-end reconciliation. Atakama’s robust API-based billing integration ensures a smooth and error-free process. Dive into comprehensive ticket details that seamlessly integrate with your processing workflow. Transparency unlocked.

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Consumption-Based Pricing

Embrace growth without the overhead. Experience the advantage of pay-as-you-go, tiered pricing with no annual contract required. Business growth unleashed.

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