Atakama Partners with Panzura to Deliver End-to-End Data Management and Protection

Best-in-Class Multifactor Encryption Paired with Leading File Management System Creates Unmatched Data Control, Visibility, and Security

March 8, 2023, NEW YORK – Atakama, the pioneer in multifactor encryption, enabling unrivaled data protection through distributed cryptographic key management, today announced that it has partnered with Panzura, the leader in hybrid multi-cloud data management, to deliver a seamless end-to-end data management and protection solution.

“The crippling impact of ransomware and data exfiltration is at an all-time high,” said Scott Glazer, CRO, Atakama. “This is why our integration with Panzura is especially important. It provides a greater level of insight, data control, and security than ever before, which can make all the difference in today’s environment, where data is our most critical and valuable asset.” 

The integration between Atakama’s multifactor encryption solution and Panzura’s CloudFS, Data Services (PDS) seamlessly enforces a data-centric security model.

Atakama’s multifactor encryption solution eliminates centralized points of attack and failure and provides unrivaled data protection at the granular object level to fortify a data-centric security model. This dedicated security layer is policy based and achieved in accordance with each organization’s specific use case. With a zero-trust posture, every file access request is evaluated individually, in alignment with a complete data management lifecycle. Atakama removes the conventional trade-off between data security and accessibility through simplified administrative and end-user experience toward an air-tight data-centric security model. 

“Even with strong access control policies, stringent audit practices, and the best of intentions, the threat of data exfiltration is significant,” said Don Foster, Global Head of Sales Engineering, at Panzura. “By pairing our industry-leading file management system and Atakama’s pioneering multifactor encryption, we have created a compelling end-to-end data management and protection solution that puts companies back in control of their mission-critical data.”

Panzura’s CloudFS is a global file system that dynamically coordinates file storage location, edit and access rights, data management, and more. With 37 patents on its unique ways of moving and managing data, CloudFS offers global, real-time collaboration on data held in a single data set. Complementing CloudFS, Panzura Data Services’ Search and Audit functions audit more than 30 different file attributes and provide alerting on actions that are taken outside normal usage, such as data destruction, encryption due to ransomware, mass copies, etc.

To learn more about the data management and protection integration from Atakama and Panzura, visit:

About Atakama

Atakama is the pioneer in multifactor encryption, enabling unrivaled data protection through distributed cryptographic key management. Organizations rely on Atakama to protect their most sensitive data, even when identity and rules-based access controls fail. Atakama removes the conventional trade-off between data security and accessibility by protecting data, simplifying the user experience, and visualizing data usage and security trends. Visit to learn more.

About Panzura                                                                                                                      

Panzura makes hybrid multi-cloud data management seem easy. Panzura’s data management platform is a single, unified data engine designed to securely power the most rigorous, large-scale multi-site enterprise data workflows across the globe. Intelligent edge technologies enable LAN performance with cloud economics together with simplified data management, advanced analytics, reduced operational complexity, and improved security. Find out more at

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