Multifactor Encryption Platform

Safeguard unstructured data against exfiltration

Built on the foundation of distributed key management, Atakama provides unparalleled data protection for your most critical file-based assets, whereverthey are stored. Even when attackers breach a system or the perimeter of anetwork, your data remains protected.

Atakama Multifactor Encryption Platform

Multifactor Encryption

Experience advanced, decentralized key management coupled  with the proven concept of multi-device authentication to create a progressive security solution that challenges the status quo of conventional data protection.

Atakama’s unique approach to distributed key management (DKM) leverages threshold cryptography to split encryption keys and disseminate the key shards among multiple devices. Successful file decryption occurs only when the authenticated devices reconstitute the key. 

Intelligence Center

Provide data driven intelligence for business reporting requirements, compliance, operational decision-making, and anomaly threat detection by visualizing, reporting, monitoring, and alerting on the status and location of your protected files, encryption events, and user activities.

Secure File Transfer

Generate a file download link that is shared with the recipient, using email, Teams, Slack or other collaboration tools.

The sender maintains complete control of the decryption event with the added benefit of being able to verify the recipient’s identity before the file is downloaded.

Encrypted Search

Built in search capabilities enable users to search encrypted files, without requiring decryption or the need to maintain an unencrypted search index.

Keep your data protected, without disrupting productivity.

Data Discovery and Classification Integration

By seamlessly integrating with leading data classification tools, Atakama helps organizations stay ahead of shifts in the modern threat landscape by automatically encrypting files according to policy defined by data classification.

Flexible deployment architectures


Decrypt files through the power of the mobile device.


Throttle decryption events  according to customizable administrative policies.


Combine the power and security of the KSS and mobile device architectures.

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