Encrypted File Transfer

Sharing information with third parties, clients, vendors, stakeholders, etc., is a key part of regular business operations. But sending sensitive information to people outside your organization exposes the information to risk. Today more than ever, the need to share information easily and securely has never been more crucial.

What is EFT (Encrypted File Transfer)?

Atakama Encrypted File Transfer enables the secure transfer of files to external parties. The feature ensures the intended recipient is the only person who receives the information being shared with them. EFT keeps files end-to-end encrypted, with the added benefits of not requiring passwords or the need for cumbersome portals. EFT is a simple way for organizations to share information without compromising security standards.

Why EFT is needed and what it solves.

Best in class security that lets you send information to third parties without the need for passwords or proprietary portals. Exposure of confidential information can be costly and detrimental to any business. EFT allows you to maintain control of sensitive data while ensuring it does not end up in the wrong hands.

Protect confidential business information such as HR records, legal documents, SLAs, IP, you name it, from leaking into the wrong hands and causing damage to your business. Everyday operations require the transfer of information beyond your organization’s protective walls. The best way your organization can secure its information in-transit is with EFT’s end-to-end encryption and premier security standards.

Streamlined process that doesn’t impact productivity while removing the burdens employees encounter when sending encrypted files to third parties. EFT makes it simple for employees to work optimally while maintaining compliance policies and best practices.

Meet your regulatory and compliance obligations head on. With Atakama’s core encryption solution and the EFT feature, organizations can now comfortably demonstrate to their regulators and internal compliance teams that information is encrypted both at rest and in transit, so that confidential information is secure within the organization and when shared with partners, customers, and any other third party.

Grow client confidence and protect your reputation. Clients expect every organization to employ best practices, especially as it concerns their PII. By implementing EFT, organizations can demonstrate a heightened level of awareness to help bolster client satisfaction, and in the process protect client information with one of the most secure and innovative solutions available on the market.

Secure File Transfer

Eliminate data exfiltration