Secure File Sending

Emailing files to third parties is an essential need for every business. But when sensitive files are sent outside the organization, the classified information is at risk. To minimize the risk, businesses turn to encryption. In practice however, sending encrypted files to third parties is a pain and is not necessarily the most secure way to mitigate the risk. With a user friendly workflow that ensures the intended recipient is the only person who will receive the files that are being shared with them, Atakama enables the secure transfer of files to external parties.

What You Need
  • The ability to securely send files to external third parties; maintaining end-to-end encryption of the files; avoiding clumsy portals; not having to communicate decryption passwords.
How We Help

With Atakama, files remain encrypted until the sender of the file approves the ability of the intended recipient to download the file in its native format. Atakama's Secure File Transfer generates a download link that is emailed to the recipient. The sender maintains complete control of the decryption event with the added benefit of being able to verify the recipient's identity before the file is downloaded. Gone are the days of communicating decryption passwords and requiring website logins to retrieve encrypted files. Atakama's solution provides peace of mind with unparalleled security and convenience.

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