Ransomware Mitigation

Ransomware attacks that involve file theft and publication can devastate any organization. The results are business disruptions, damaged reputations, regulatory fines, litigation nightmares, financial harm, and lost customers. These attacks are on the rise and ever evolving. Unfortunately, legacy cybersecurity solutions don't address these attacks, and adequate safeguards and solutions remain scarce.

What You Need
  • The ability to mitigate ransomware attacks involving file theft with the adversary threatening to publish those files unless a ransom paid.
How We Help

Atakama’s approach is to disconnect file encryption from user authentication. Without reliance on traditional authentication mechanisms (i.e., usernames and passwords), files always remain encrypted when at rest, even to an adversary who is able to gain access to the network. The only thing the adversary would be able to exfiltrate are encrypted files, but because those files are encrypted by Atakama they are rendered useless to the attacker. Atakama can nullify any attempt to ransom or otherwise extort company files.

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