Secure Cloud Storage

With Atakama, files are always client-side encrypted so it's always the encrypted version of the file that lives in the cloud or on the server. You no longer need to rely on network security alone or the cloud provider's environment to protect your files. Atakama ensures that files remain encrypted even when the cloud or network environment is breached.

What You Need
  • The ability to switch from on-prem to cloud storage while maintaining the highest levels of security to which you're accustomed.
How We Help

Atakama integrates with all the major cloud providers, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Only Atakama enabled users are able to decrypt and interact with Atakama encrypted files stored in the cloud. That's because only the encrypted version of the file is synced up to the cloud and remains encrypted in the cloud at all times. CASB helps you monitor activity, but with Atakama you never have to rely on a cloud provider’s authentication or security infrastructure.

How to Eliminate Your Company's Cloud Security Exposure Risks

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