Atakama for regulatory compliance

Meet data compliance mandates with multifactor encryption

An ever-evolving array of compliance mandates has been imposed to protect personally identifiable information due to the alarming frequency and sophistication of data breaches. Keeping up with the many compliance mandates that require the protection of data at rest can be challenging. Whether CCPA, FIPS, GDPR, HIPPAA, GLBA, NYDFS, ITAR, or many others, state and federal data protection laws are increasingly demanding, with harsh fines for non-compliance.

Regulatory compliance

Move beyond check-box compliance with multifactor encryption

Multifactor encryption provides proactive data protection at the source. Regulators no longer tolerate bulk encryption techniques or centralized encryption key management to satisfy data protection mandates. Atakama's multifactor encryption, based on distributed key management, ensures compliance with the most stringent regulations while maintaining a seamless user experience.

Distributed Encryption Key Management

Protection for data at rest, using AES-256. A unique key for each object is automatically fragmented and distributed across a cluster of devices.

Untethered From IAM

Decouple file access verification from identity and access management, eliminating IAM as a single source of truth for verifying access.

Passwordless Local Encryption

Atakama encrypts and decrypts files locally on users' computers. Encrypted versions of the files are sent to a network drive or cloud storage. Only Atakama-enabled authorized users can access the encrypted files.

Seamless Integration and Deployment

Whether your business stores files on a network drive, in the cloud, or a hybrid model, Atakama is easily deployed within your existing environment.

Active Directory Integration

Deploy and manage Atakama across your organization to secure files within your existing network locations.

Platform Agnostic

Atakama is cross-compatible with all major desktop and mobile platforms so that data stays secure across all systems and devices.

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Meet compliance mandates for protecting data at rest