Case Study

Global Asset Manager

Atakama delivers unrivaled data protection by redefining the encryption landscape. Atakama’s decentralized, multifactor approach to cryptographic key management protects organizations from data exfiltration. With Atakama's data protection platform, security practitioners and end-users alike realize true data protection and unimpeded business performance.

The Need

Moving away from on-prem storage to the cloud, but without compromising security; a need that has been amplified by an unprecedented number of employees working from remote locations.

The Approach

Atakama’s Zero Trust file system gave the customer sufficient confidence to contract with one of the major cloud providers. Because Atakama-encrypted files are always encrypted client side and before syncing to the cloud, the files always remain encrypted in the cloud environment. Only those users who i) have permission to access the cloud location and ii) are provisioned with Atakama are able to decrypt the files. CASB solutions, which are limited to helping monitor cloud activity, did not provide the customer with the sufficient level of security they needed to pull the trigger on moving to the cloud. Only after witnessing Atakama in action did the customer become satisfied that they did not need to rely on the cloud provider’s authentication and security infrastructure.

The Result

Atakama’s innovative solution protects the customer against the human error, identity and access management flaws, misconfigurations, and the many other vulnerabilities that continue to put sensitive data stored in the cloud at risk . Within hours of beginning the Atakama installation process, the customer migrated all their files to cloud, confident that their files will remain secure against unauthorized exposure and exfiltration.

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